posted on April 20, 2016 in apple, review

The Apple Watch From A Watch Lovers Perspective

So there is this thing were @revenant333 and I watch the Apple Keynote and after the keynote is over we send each other a quick shopping list. When the Apple Watch was released the reactions were quite different - he had one on his list, I did not see the point in it. I like mechanical watches and I did not really see the point in having another display telling me what my phone already shows. My take on the Apple Watch was pretty straight forward - "buy one if you need it for work". Now I got an Apple Watch and I have to admit I was a bit wrong about the usefulness of it.

posted on December 23, 2015 in sakebowl, project, web

The sad state of JavaScript markdown editors

One of the essential parts of Sakebowl will be the editor. Maybe even the most essential one - in the end it is a content management system, so you have to enter and edit content. I was planning to stick with markdown. It is fast to write, it has a clear syntax and everyone can pick it up in a matter of minutes. But trying to make markdown editing usable in a browser slowly leads me away from this idea.

posted on December 09, 2015 in drupan, project

drupan RAWR - the next steps

I am not sure if Drupan is getting more and more users or the existing users want more features and report more bugs. But one thing is pretty clear to me: While my little drunken panda is still my favorite pet project, I slowly have to consider what the user base wants to see. Some of the most recent changes were primarily introduced to support Sakebowl, but they also allow me to implement new features way easier and without increasing the number of dependencies of the default installation.

posted on December 03, 2015 in drupan, project, sakebowl

Drupan 2.2.0 - the panda gets a bowl of Sake

It has been a long time since I talked about drupan. I put a lot of time into thinking about the best way to prepare drupan for Sakebowl. This was not as straight forward as it sounds. But the solution I found works quite well, improves different parts of the system and is also fully compatible with the 2.x branch, so no need for a new major release.

posted on October 14, 2015 in leeroy, project

Bringing LeeroyCI to the next level

LeeroyCI started out as an simple CI that gets out of your way and at the same time is powerful enough to cover the needs of small to medium sized organizations. And you can see that in some design decisions, like not using a database but only plain files and JSON. While LeeroyCI has proven to be the right tool for the job, it was lacking some features a „modern CI“(tm) should provide. Let me tell you about all the upcoming changes and why LeeroyCI will be better than ever while still being simple.

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