posted on October 14, 2015 in leeroy, project

Bringing LeeroyCI to the next level

LeeroyCI started out as an simple CI that gets out of your way and at the same time is powerful enough to cover the needs of small to medium sized organizations. And you can see that in some design decisions, like not using a database but only plain files and JSON. While LeeroyCI has proven to be the right tool for the job, it was lacking some features a „modern CI“(tm) should provide. Let me tell you about all the upcoming changes and why LeeroyCI will be better than ever while still being simple.

posted on June 27, 2015 in django, python

Upgrading Django Projects - Introduction

One questions I am asked quite often is how to upgrade larger projects to a newer Django release. While upgrading to a newer minor release is usually really easy and does not require much work it can become a bit harder upgrading to a new major release. My oldest project points back to 0.9x, so it has seen some upgrades, and there are certain patters that proved to work pretty well.

posted on December 30, 2014 in django, cloud

Never trust an environment you do not fully control

This is usually a suggestion you hear when it comes to sensitive information, personal data and security related tasks. I learned this again over Christmas while working on a small side project and while giving a service a friend of mine is working on a try.

posted on December 10, 2014 in gaming, business

What Start-Ups Can Learn From Blizzard Entertainment

I spent a good part of my weekend playing Blizzards Heroes of the Storm Alpha. It is a great game, I really enjoy it and it proves, once again, that Blizzard is really good in bringing new concepts, improvements and innovation to an already existing genre. And they are successful with it. So what can a start-up learn from Blizzard?

posted on October 30, 2014 in leeroy, project

LeeroyCI - taking down production with automatic deploys since last week

Let me give you a quick update about a new feature that made it to Leeroys master branch. Deployment. You can now specify a script that will run after a build for a branch was successful. Initially I planned to focus on deployment when working on version 2 or a late 1.x release - for me this is a scary feature and I would have preferred to focus on testing right now. But at FlightCar we decided we want to start leveraging continuous deployment and so I began to work it.

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