posted on August 13, 2014 in Django, review, book

Review: Django Essentials

A month ago Dyson D'Souza from PacktPub approached me asking if I would be interested in reviewing Django Essentials. I am using Django for some time now - somewhen pre 0.96, I remember the 0.96 release for some reason, I think it was the length of the release cycle but I am not sure anymore - and I really wanted to see how the introduction resources changed, so this was a good chance.

posted on August 10, 2014 in drupan, project

Drupan 2.0 - RAWR released

It is done. Drupan 2.0 is officially released. You can find it on pypi and GitHub. If you read my last post about drupan you already know all the news. If you are migrating from an 1.x installation please read the migration guide - some things changed. For a new site you can use --init - the repository it tells you to download ships with the theme of this blog. As always: Have fun :)

posted on July 31, 2014 in life, development

Sometimes I just want dumb things - or: Why adding features is not always a good idea

I do not want a TV with a network interface. I do not want a DVD player with social media integration. I do not want an amplifier that supports AirPlay. I just want something that does its job. And does it right. Let me explain on the example of a DVD player why features can be harmful and are not always a good idea.

posted on July 03, 2014 in drupan, project

State of drupan 2 - RAWR

There went quite some development time in drupan and a release is in sight. The most common question I receive about drupan is what features will make it into 2.0 - codename RAWR. Let me give you a rough idea what is done and what will be done.

posted on June 09, 2014 in project, leeroy, golang

Introducing Leeroy

Today I am releasing one of my side projects, Leeroy CI. It is a self hosted, continuous integration and build service with the primary goal to be easy to configure and get out of your way while doing its job. And since it is licensed under the BSD license it is also pretty affordable.

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